Our Clients & Industries


We provide translating and interpreting services to many individuals with differing requirements. Generally, individuals require the translation of documents such as Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Education/Job Qualifications, Police Clearances, Drivers License, Military Discharge Certificates to name a few. Our team are equipped to take on any job, big or small, from the translation of documents to business cards or books, our team can help you.


We work with many government departments across Australia, providing both translating and interpreting services. We pride ourselves on being the translator of choice for many government departments including finance, health and education.


At Translators International, our team works alongside many corporate clients on a regular basis. We offer a high quality of work and service which is achieved by our large team of highly trained and qualified translators and interpreters. We are also able to provide a priority service for those who require urgent signings of contracts.


Translators International provide translating and interpreting services to  many areas of the medical/life science fields. From pharmaceutical businesses, government health departments, general practitioners, hospitals, and individuals. We can help to translate simple medical reports to lengthy government documents to providing an interpreter for medical appointments.


Translators International provide an extremely high standard of service to many Import/Export companies around Australia. We understand the urgency and time sensitivity of various permits, in which we can ensure that translations can be completed within as little time as an hour. We have a dedicated team who work on the translation of import and export permits on a weekly basis.


Translators International provide services to some of the leading mining companies in Australia, providing translation of documents for their international clients around the world.


Translators International work with many different insurance providers around Australia. We predominantly provide interpreting services to assist the many different sectors and services that insurance providers cover. Whether it be assisting Police with Incident Reports or attending a medical appointment to assist in workplace rehabilitation. Our team are also able to provide translating services to our insurance providers, when required.